I have recently been learning about Numerology which is the study of patterns in numbers, and I have come to understand that the year 2017 is considered a one year in Numerology(learn more), which signifies new starts, new beginnings, a stronger connection to universal energies that are all around us.

How does one align to this energy? How do you apply this to your own life?

Simply put, get creative. In order to flow with changes that have happened at the end of 2016(a 9 year), be open to allowing new ideas and experiences into your life. The old paradigm will not necessarily work this year, meaning what you did in the past will not be as effective anymore during this pivotal moment in time.  If you continue to resist change and flow, it will clog your energy and your natural vibration preventing further growth from happening. What you resist persists. Instead of trying to block, stop, or resist the present moment, be open to allowing the movement to happen so that it can pass and bring you to a new understanding. Do this by tapping in to your own creativity, which helps you access an abundance of new ideas and ways to solve problems. While in the creative flow, you have access to your endless, boundless self.  This self holds the answers that will help you navigate through the challenges and obstacles in life with ease and grace.



We are all creative.  Some of us have a natural ability and others have to work at it.  As an art teacher, I have worked with children ages 5 through adulthood and I have never had a student who didn’t have any creativity.   That’s because we were all born with this innate desire to put something out into the world.  We all have a portal that connects us to our own innate creativity. The second chakra is considered the chakra of creativity. Here you can access your connection to the creative energies. This portal of energy will also allow you to access life force and universal energy. Ways to allow creativity to flow include painting, writing, singing, dancing, cooking, gardening, sewing, or any act that involves getting out of your head and into your body using your senses to make something new(including baby-making!).


On the contrary, when we are not creating, this energy that wants to be released is instead absorbed into our psyche and our body and we become “stuck”, bored, stressed, depressed, or out of touch with ourselves.  There becomes a feeling of deprivation and a desire to numb this pain by habitual, destructive behaviors like watching too much tv, overeating, abusing alcohol or drugs, overspending, overexercise or endless searching on social media. To break free from this cycle, there is a simple answer.  Reconnect to your own creativity.

If you are new to accessing your creativity, I highly recommend starting with my free tool-kit that gives you 6 practical ways to connect to your creativity.

This tool kit was created specifically for women as it also integrates how the moon cycle and menstrual cycle influences creativity, but there are wonderful tips in there for those who do not cycle as well.  When you connect to your creative channels, you tap into the fire inside that will burn brighter and brighter with every creative act. Maybe this flame is just barely bright enough to see, but we all have that flame in our Sacral Chakra, the place where creativity is born.


With the cycle of creation also comes the releasing step.  This involves letting go of the creation and detaching from the finished “product”.  It is the process not the product that is producing behavioral change and growth.  By the very act of creating, you are participating in the natural process of evolution and personal transformation.  As you develop your creative skills, you will begin to notice that at certain times, it is easier to create and other times are best for releasing, resting, and reflecting.  Creating(art) is a metaphor for the cycle of life. Plant the seed, allow the seed to grow with nourishment and support, watch it come to fruition, and then prune back the dead growth(what’s not working) with acceptance for what is while being detached from the final product.


Growth happens whether we are conscious of it or not. Lush growth is a result of tapping into the inner fire of creativity. If you are not connected to that portal of energy, the growth still happens, but it is limited. It is like a tree that grows with little water, sunlight, and nutrients. When we open up our sacral chakra and tune in to our own creative energy, the growth happens exponentially. It multiplies at a level that could not have been imagined before, and with it comes a feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment, and inner harmony.  You will begin to feel happier, and because you’re happier, so are the people around you creating a domino effect.  This is the power of creativity.  What are you waiting for?  Try it for yourself and see the positive changes take place in your life.

If you want extra support on your journey to reconnecting to your creativity, let me help you get started.  Here are some ways I can help you to start to bring more creativity into your life:

~Start with a free monthly coloring page.  Coloring pages are all the rage right now and they really do work.  It is an easy, inexpensive way to access your creativity.

~Finally, take an art workshop with me.  I am currently teaching many types of art workshops in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  Visit here to get the updated schedule.

I hope that this give you the motivation needed to go ahead and do it.  I promise, you won’t regret it.

All the best,