This course is designed to help women reconnect to their creativity and intuition through a process of meditation, visualization, and painting.



Hi! I’m Liz Halloran.

I’m an artist, intuitive, and a creativity teacher who works with women who want to reconnect to their intuition and creativity through art.

In my 20 years of teaching, I have seen the powerful transformations that happen to people when they connect to their own creativity.  

Today, I am lucky enough to teach others how to access their creative source, and I get to see the amazing changes that happen in my students when they open up to the possibilities that await within themselves.  

I am here to show you how creative you really are, to help you get unstuck, to create a space for you to access your creative source, to teach you ways to tap into your intuition, and to show you how easy it can be to have a more creative life.

I am here for you.

I know you have what it takes. I know you can tap into your intuitive, creative self.

If this sounds good to you, then let’s begin.

In this course you will:


♥Awaken your creativity while creating an acrylic painting that is an expression of your inner Goddess.

♥Be lead through a guided visualization to discover your own personal symbols which you will use in your inner Goddess painting.

♥Access your intuition through a process of meditation, visualization, and art.

♥Understand how your creativity is directly linked to the moon cycles and how to use this knowledge in your life to your greatest benefit.

♥Learn why the creative process is an essential need for women in order to express their femininity.

♥Receive downloadable templates including a Moon Goddess Journal template as well as an Inner Goddess Moon Dial template, both of which will assist you on your journey to connecting to your Sacred Femininity.

♥Get step-by-step instructions on how to create an “Inner Goddess” painting from start to finish, including video demonstrations by Liz.

♥Get a thorough list of supplies needed to successfully complete a 12″ x 16″ acrylic canvas painting.

♥Access to the course for one full year.

Is this you?

♥Do you wish to be creative but just don’t know how to start or what to create?

♥Do you want to learn more about how your creativity and your intuition are linked?

♥Do you want to learn how to access your intuition through a process of creative expression?

If you answered “Yes!” or even “maybe” to any of these questions, then this course is designed for YOU!

Who is your inner goddess?

She is the part of you who has a deep inner wisdom.

She knows things without explanation and contains the answers that you are seeking.

She is the embodiment of your sacred feminine energy and your connection to your creative nature.

She can lead you to your dreams when you listen to her call. 

Why should you sign up for this course?

By participating in this course, you will become an active participant in the process of opening up your own creative portal to the divine feminine which can lead to personal transformation and positive change.

Through creating a work of art that represents your inner goddess, you will reconnect with your creative self, the divine feminine portal where life is created, where form is manifested, and where inner dreams become an outer vision.

This painting will contain symbols that are specific to you. It will be a representation of your inner goddess in form. She will act as your oracle where you can meditate on for the answers and guidance that you are seeking. It is not so much about the product or end result of the painting as it is about the journey to discovering and uncovering the creative energies that live within you.

By ALLOWING CREATIVITY TO FLOW into your life, you ignite your own inner light.


When you START THE JOURNEY of awakening your creativity, you become more grounded, more at peace, and more intuitively connected.


It is a BEAUTIFUL PROCESS that deepens with every creative act.


It is my wish that you may rediscover your CREATIVE SOURCE as an infinite power of potential energy within you.


Cost:   $77.00

**When you purchase through paypal, please click “return to merchant” on your receipt,

and fill out the email link in order to access the course once purchased.

 If there is a problem, email and I will send you the link to the course.  


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