“Paint Your Inner Goddess” Watercolor Painting Workshop

Connect to your own inner goddess by creating a work of art that is an expression of your feminine landscape through a process of guided meditation and intuitive painting.

Create a 9” x 12” watercolor painting that explores your own feminine landscape. Liz will guide you step-by-step in drawing a simple face which will represent your inner goddess and will assist you with your needs including drawing, mixing paint colors, and working with imagery.

Learn the process of intuitive painting by not worrying about the product and being fully present in the process and to trust what comes up.

Align to the rhythm of your body, mind, and spirit through meditation, visualization, and art all at once.

NO experience needed.

Time: Wednesday, October 25th, 6:30pm-9:00pm
Price: $35. including all supplies
Location: Metta Center of St. Petersburg, 4554  Central Ave, Unit F, St. Petersburg, FL

Is this you?
Do you wish to be creative but just don’t know how to start or what to create? Do you already draw/paint but want some inspiration to keep you motivated? Do you want to connect to your inner creativity by discovering the Sacred Feminine that exists in all of us? If you answered “Yes!” or even “maybe” to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you.

Who this art workshop is for:
the beginner: You are interested in creating art but have no idea where to begin or you think that you are not even capable of making art but want to overcome this block. This workshop will not only help you with that but also give you the tools to continue creating on your own.

the artist: You are already an artist but may need motivation to continue on your artistic journey.

the seeker: You want to get in touch with your feminine energies through the process of uncovering her mysteries through the medium of painting.

Things to bring: optional: pictures/images that connect you to your feminine energies, inspirational quotes/words/phrases that are meaningful to you. Symbols: nature, moon, sun, animals, flowers, insects.

You must RSVP.   Sign up through the

Paypal link

or send Liz an email (liz@lizhalloranfineart.com) to reserve your spot.

Parking: available on site.

Aprons will be provided, but please wear something you wouldn’t mind getting paint on.



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