Find the Rhythm of Your Cycle through Creativity

Learn how to use the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle to your greatest benefit!

Join Liz Halloran

Sunday January 14th @ 3pm EST

Here’s what you’ll gain:

why understanding your cycle will help enhance your life.

How your creativity is directly influenced by your cycle.

How to create your own moon cycle map.

When your intuition is at its peak during the month and what to do about it.

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About Liz:

I believe that in each of us, there is a deep desire to connect to our creative source and to express this in our lives in order to be truly fulfilled.

For some of us, there are blocks to our creative energies. Once these blocks are removed the creativity flows as easily and naturally as a river flows.

By tapping in to your own creativity, you release an energy that would otherwise be built up inside of you.

Join me for this wonderful opportunity to connect to your own creativity today.