The Divine Feminine is awakening around the world.

Queen Elizabeth Rose from the garden

There is a remembering occurring that as women, we hold the wisdom of the Great Mother within our own bodies. All women are connected to her sacred blood line through our bodies and our intuition. This is where our power lies. Honoring the Divine Feminine within means listening to your intuition and living your truth. It also means understanding your own inner cycle and accessing this wisdom in order to live a more fulfilled life at your highest potential.

How do you do this? By applying the concepts of the 4 phases of the menstrual/moon cycle to your life.

A few years back, I came across a book called “Red Moon” by Miranda Grey. It was a book about how your menstrual cycle has 4 phases and each phase has a specific type of energy.  By understanding these phases, you can bring more flow and ease into all areas of your life, especially your creative pursuits.

While I will not go into great detail about each of the 4 phases, I will say that there is a simple way to understanding this. If you follow the 4 phases of the moon cycle, then they are interchangeable.

Phase 1=pre-ovulation/waxing moon (Virgin/Maiden)
Phase 2=ovulation/full moon (Mother)
Phase 3=pre-menstrual/waning moon (Enchantress)
Phase 4=menses/new moon (Crone/Wise woman/Hag/Sage)

In addition to charting your phases, you can also journal about your emotions, dreams, health state, and energy level during each phase.


“Waning Moon Angel”, acrylic on canvas, 2012, by Liz Halloran

As I began to keep track of all of this, I saw a shift happening. I started to understand that my cycle played a key role in my creativity. At certain times of the month, I had an incredible surge of creative energy and would use this to my advantage. At other times of the month, I had more of an ability to gain insight and reflect on my progress(artwork) and therefore would put my energies into that part of the creative process. This cycle of ebb and flow is a reflection of the cycle of creation and release that my own body was experiencing. It is a natural rhythm of expansion followed by restorative retreat found throughout nature’s cycles. Once I understood this pattern, my life began to flow with more ease and I was less likely to resist any changes that were occurring especially around the releasing of energy. I began to schedule built-in rest time as well as plan my month according to my cycle for optimum performance of my creative pursuits.

“Earth Mother”, acrylic on canvas, 2017, by Liz Halloran

Besides charting my cycle, I also created a Womb Cycle Map. This map is a visual aid that I hang up in my studio to remind me of what phase I am currently in and why I may be feeling a certain way at that particular moment. Since using it, it has been tremendously helpful in moments of forgetfulness.  I highly recommend creating your own moon cycle map or you can get this downloadable womb cycle map here.

“Womb Cycle Map”, watercolor & black ink, 2017, by Liz Halloran

Another interesting idea from the book is that when we resist the natural changes that are occurring within our cycle, these energies can get stuck and stored in our bodies rather than be released. This can result in added weight gain and/or addictive behavior such as overeating, depression, and anxiety. When we are not allowing ourselves the opportunity to release what is no longer serving us by ignoring our body’s need to slow down and rest during menses, we end up worse off because of it. These desires to release and destroy turn against us and we become the victim of our own destructive tendencies which are a natural occurrence during this time.

“Tree Nymph”, acrylic on canvas, 2016, by Liz Halloran

I have seen this in my own life when I try to work through the pain of my period. Instead of resting and slowing down, I would take an anti-inflammatory pill and get on with my day. But what I have found is that over time this is damaging to my digestive system and leaves me feeling more abdominal pain and bloating than ever. It’s a catch 22. As I have begun to pay more attention to the cycle of my period, I take more preventative measures when my bleeding time gets closer, such as using a hot water bottle, essential oils, healing crystals, acupuncture, massage, and herbal infusions. Most especially, I arrange my schedule as best as I can to allow for a full day of rest on day 1 of my cycle.



This isn’t always easy, especially in our work-driven culture with added pressure to do, do,do, but it is a priority for me and one that I continue to find valuable.  I also believe that our modern culture looks at women as weak if they cannot handle life during their period.  It becomes an embarrassment for a woman to admit that she is bleeding and may need rest time because of it.

“Earth Goddess”, black ink, 1997, by Liz Halloran

I do hope that you can use these suggestions to help you with understanding your own moon cycle and how to use this to your greatest benefit. If you would like to learn more, I have included some ways below that you may want to try to help you align your creativity to your monthly cycle. It is my hope that through your journey to discovering the uniqueness of your own inner cycle that you can lead a more fulfilled life that is at your highest potential.

“Moon Mother”, acrylic on canvas, 2016, by Liz Halloran

If you want to get your feet wet in these studies, try my free tool-kit that will give you some simple daily guidelines on how to bring more creativity into your life by connecting with your own divine feminine energies. Go here.

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