Why do women need to create?

When a woman creates, there is a fire that is lit inside and this flame gets brighter and brighter with every creative act. Some of us may not have the flame lit or maybe its just barely bright enough to see, but we all have that flame in our sacral chakra, the place where creativity is born. Our bodies have the intelligence to create new life and our womb space is the portal that turns the seedling into a flower. Whether we do this through giving birth to a child or giving birth to our dreams, each month we experience the various stages of creation and release as we cycle. Understanding the various stages of the cycle will help us to flow with the rhythms instead of fighting the currents.

When we are not creating, this energy that wants to be released is instead absorbed into our psyche and our body and we become stuck, bored, stressed, depressed, or out of touch with ourselves. We may try to numb this pain by addictions and bad habits that keep us in a repeating negative pattern.

Creativity can help us to release these patterns and can lead to personal change and growth.

Creativity can also help you access your intuition. Using your creative muscle is a great way to attain solutions to problems without even “trying”. By participating in the creative process, your critical thinking takes a break and you tune in to an internal source of wisdom that some call intuition. This is the feeling you get when you know something before it happens or when you “just know” without needing the proof. In today’s patriarchic structure, women’s intuition has been suppressed and devalued because of the conformist view that masculinity is the only way to attain power. 

The time has come for women to reclaim their intuition and their creative potential in order to balance the dominant masculine energy of the world.  I am hosting my very first live webinar on Sunday, January 14th to give you some tools and tips on how to access your creativity and your intuition. This webinar is an introduction to these concepts and will also be a demonstration on how to create your own moon cycle map that you can later use.  I am so excited to share with you some of the ways that I have been able to improve the quality of my life over the past few years by following the rhythms of nature’s cycles including the moon cycle and my menstrual cycle. This webinar will show you how to find your own rhythm in your life in order to enhance the quality of your life.  Sign up below.

What is a moon cycle map? It is a visual guide for you to use throughout the month that will act as a reminder as to which menstrual/moon phase you are currently experiencing and how to best use this knowledge to your greatest benefit. If you do not currently menstruate, you can still follow the moon phases and apply this to your own life.


If this sounds like something that is of value to you, then be sure to join me on Sunday, January 14th at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific. If you are there live, you will also learn how to get a digital print of my moon cycle map painting.

You don’t want to miss out on this.

Here is the link to sign up.


I hope to see you there!