“Reduce the complexity of life by eliminating the needless wants of life, and the labors of life reduce themselves.”~ Edwin Way Teale

Tampa Bay, Florida

If Spring is a time for new beginnings and clearing out the old, well that is certainly the case for me. I have just sold my house in Rhode Island and have released a lot of “stuff” along with it.

Recently, I have had a strong desire to clear out all of the clutter in my life and by clutter I mean anything that takes up space that is not useful anymore. This goes beyond physical stuff. It’s the non-physical stuff that can sometimes be the hardest to get rid of. So I create rituals around releasing “stuff” and have found them to be helpful.

One ritual I like to do is to use a manifestation box. This is a box that is beautifully decorated and filled with messages that I want to manifest. In this case, I write down something that I am releasing. After writing it down, I put it in the manifestation box which is then placed on my altar. This practice has been very successful for me. After a few months, I go back and look at what’s in the box and most likely it has come true. It is a truly powerful exercise because of the intention behind it.


As for the physical stuff, I’ve been giving away lots of clothing, books, and non-essentials. I want to simplify my life and part of that process is having less stuff. It has been a challenge but at the same time, I feel a huge weight lifted and a new sense of freedom. Living  in such a consumer-driven society, there is a constant pressure to buy, buy, buy. I want to get off of this treadmill and live without want of things and get back to living closer to nature and Mother Earth. I’ve started a vegetable garden in my new home and have been composting with the intention that nothing is wasted.


Do you have clutter in your life? What is weighing you down and keeping you stuck? It’s a great time to tackle that stuff right now as we move through this season. By the time Summer comes, the cycle of growth will peak and the harvest of our labors will be celebrated. Now is the time to do the preparation and the weeding out. Once this is done, we make room for our creations to grow and thrive in a clutter-free zone. It is also an attitude adjustment. Our ability to resist the pressures of having and wanting and rather choose to simply be is where our true power lies.