The Fall Equinox, the time of year when day and night are equal, is approaching soon. The annual harvest has peaked and big changes are under way as the wheel of the year once again turns towards the darkness and closer to the season of Winter.


This cycle of creation and release is the natural expression of Mother Earth. She provides us with an abundance of vegetation to store and preserve for the cooler months. This may not be how we view or experience the seasons anymore, but our ancestors lived this way up until just a few generations ago.


Disconnecting from this cycle can leave us unable to recognize this abundance when it is all around us. Now is the time to celebrate and appreciate the wonderful blessings that the Earth offers us in the form of nourishing foods. This is one of many powerful ways to bring more Goddess energy into your life.


The Celtic Goddess Flidais is celebrated by the Celts on September 22 each year. This is the date of the Fall Equinox on the Pagan calendar. In Irish mythology, Flidais is a goddess of abundance and represents the balance of both our “domestic and our wild nature”, and the cycles of growth and rebirth. She is considered an Earth Mother to the cattle and the deer. She provided her nourishing milk to all who needed it. According to Irish legend, she had the ability to feed an entire army of men from a single cow.

She is also considered a goddess of sexuality. She was desired by many men and according to myth, “only she could fully satisfy her lover, Fergus.  Without Her he needed seven women”. She is considered a woodland goddess, a lady of the forest, and a protector of the trees and animals of the forest.

Call on Flidais to help you access more abundance in your life, to help you feel more balanced, to provide nourishment and healing to yourself and the lives of your loved ones, and to tap into your ability to magnetize more love and pleasure into your life. You can do this by meditating on her in order for her to come through in visions, symbols, or impressions. You can also set intentions with affirmations such as “Flidais helps me to bring more abundance into my life”.


Other ways Flidais can help you are through assisting you to achieve a balance of work and pleasure, eating nourishing vegetables, herbs, and fruits that are in season, and reminding you to bring more fun into your love life.