I know how hard it is to take time out of your busy schedule to create art. I understand how you may see art as an unnecessary task, an indulgence for people with a lot of time on their hands, or best of all, you don’t consider yourself artistic, so why bother?

Using your creative muscle is a great way to attain solutions to problems without even “trying”. Have you ever had a problem that no matter how hard you try to solve, you just can’t quite figure it out? For days, you fret over this problem.  You become so consumed by this problem, that you tell yourself, “I can’t paint or do some kind of relaxing creative activity until I fixed the problem”. This used to be me, and is still me until I remind myself to go paint, garden, or create something.

What I wasn’t realizing is that by depriving myself of the creative process, I was preventing my ability to find a solution to the problem. If I had just taken the time to step out of the pattern of overthinking and step into the space of creativity, I could have found the solutions sooner. By participating in the creative process, I was using a different part of the brain. Instead of using critical thinking, I allowed thoughts to flow like clouds passing by. As I painted, my mind turned off the noise and chatter and tuned in to an internal source that had the answers. Solutions to problems would come either right away or put me in a state of relaxation where I could then get clarity on a situation. This is the biggest benefit that creativity does for me and why I am so passionate about getting others to connect to their own creative flow.

This is also why I am hosting a weekly video blog on Facebook for those of you who need a little guidance or prompting in order to get creative. Each week, I will post a short video that will serve as a creative prompt for you to help you to bring more creativity into your week. If you don’t need a prompt, then that’s fabulous. You already know the inherent benefits to living a creative life.

HERE is a link to the first video on How to draw the face. Try it and let me know how you did in the comments below.  I hope it stirs the part of yourself who is naturally creative and just waiting to come out and play.

All the best,